For those of you still seeing a nasty dafacement of your website, follow these steps to get your site back and secure it from future attacks,

  1. Delete your index.php file and replace it with a backed-up or earlier version.  It is the index.php file of your site that has been changed by the hackers, all your other files and database should be fine.
  2. Change all your passwords:  Please change all your passwords - especially your ftp passwords and email passwords (this can be done via cpanel) and any admin passwords such as those used by Wordpress or Joomla
  3. Update everything to the latest versions:  If you are running an open-source platform such as Joomla or Wordpress, make sure you update it and any plugins or extensions to the latest versions.  Blueleaf, however cannot resolve any conflicts this might cause for free.  If you would like me to carry out an update for you please get in touch for a quote as the cost will depend on the site's size and complexity.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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